Raw Chondrus Crispus Seamoss (from the coasts of Ireland)

  • Raw Chondrus Crispus Seamoss (from the coasts of Ireland)
  • Raw Chondrus Crispus Seamoss (from the coasts of Ireland)

The Creme de la Creme that mother Earth has to offer us has arrived at Outershell Alchemy !

Indulge in the purest and most authentic Chondrus crispus from the coasts of Ireland! Our raw Chondrus crispus, also known as Irish moss, is wild-harvested from the pristine waters of the Atlantic Ocean. With its distinctively briny flavor and unique texture, Chondrus crispus is a staple in traditional Irish cuisine and has been enjoyed for centuries for its many health benefits.

This superfood is packed with essential nutrients such as iodine, iron, and magnesium, making it a great addition to any healthy diet. It's also known for its ability to soothe and support the digestive system, making it a great ingredient for homemade remedies and skincare products.

Our Chondrus crispus is carefully harvested and sun-dried to preserve its natural flavor and nutrient profile. It's perfect for adding to soups, stews, smoothies, and other recipes, or for creating your own homemade skincare products. Discover the natural goodness of Chondrus crispus today and experience the authentic taste of the Irish coast!

You can use Chondrus Crispus topically for angry skin and imbalanced and internally for all sorts of support.
It is very nutrient dense which makes it a powerful ally inside and out.

1 Chondus Chrispus gel jar usually starts at $30 min - and most of the time you don't even know if they've really used Chondrus Crispus because most will use Gracilaria (and will market it as Chondrus Crispus or "Irish Sea Moss" which is quite misleading). Gracilaria only contains between 4-6 vitamin/minerals vs. the Chondrus crispus which has 92-104 vitamins/minerals

Look below to see how much gel you can actually get from using this raw Chondrus Crispus when you make it yourself
...(although if you'd like i can make an 8 oz Jar-for 30 and up depending on if we jnfuse it with herbs. While It will be well worth the money, YOU DON'T need me to make this for you - You ARE capable of doing this)

2 oz/56 Grams makes Approx. 1 Liter/32 Fl Oz Sea Moss Gel. = to four 8 oz Mason jars -

Thats a value of $120 worth of Seamoss gel for $40 in raw dried algae form -- You're saving $80.

But Genie!! How do I make it?

1- Clean your Chondrus Crispus sea moss (2 to 4 times or) until the water runs clear. **Make sure to clean out any shells, small crustaceans or mollusks.

*side-note* I place the seamoss into a salad or pasta colander and wash it thoroughly in running water, to ensure all sea gifts and and debris are removed. . (I inspect each piece one by one.)

2- Soak for up 12-hours in filtered or spring water. (Do not discard this water)(I squeeze half a lemon or lime and add lemon slices to this stage**)

3- Remove the lemon/lime slices, add the seamoss to a pot and bring it to a gentle simmer on low heat until soft.
Do not allow a rolling boil.

**You should aim to get a very gentle boil and keep it steady for 30-45 minutes. Allow to cool for 5 mins.

4- Add your cooled Irish Sea Moss with its water to a blender and blend until completely smooth.

5- Pour into a mason jars and refrigerate.

If kept tightly sealed and clean instruments are used it should last 2-3 weeks in the refrigerator and up to 3 months in the freezer.

Well Genie...What does it taste like?

When prepared properly it should be pretty much Flavorless... although it can easily be infused with other flavors.
Add your homemade Seamoss gel by the teaspoon to your favorite teas, juices, smoothies, soups, or simply take it by the teaspoon as is.

You can also customize your Seamoss gel by infusing different types of herbs to it based on your personal needs.

Using on skin/ hair
(herbally infused Seamoss gel is great for topical applications)
You may apply it topically as a face mask, hair treatment or scalp mask. (I use it as a leave- in gel along with some other herbs infused into it)

My skin has never felt better. It has been amazing for my angry, iritated, dry and flaky skin and patches. It seems to really help with my hyper-pigmentation, (specially when infused with turmeric and rosehips)
It evens out my skin texture making it as smooth as a babies butt by tightening my enlarged pores and promoting incredible moisture retention.

Our organic Chondrus Crispus algae(Irish Sea moss) grows and is harvested off the coast of Ireland. This is where the Seamoss gets its amazing nutritional profile. Chondus Crispus Irish Seamoss (the one Dr. Sebi actually spoke of-not Gracilaria - look it up) is said to contain 15 of 18 essential elements that make up the human body. These include high amounts of antioxidants, calcium, zinc, magnesium, manganese, iodine, sulphur, beta carotene, sulphur, phosphorus, bromine, potassium protein, as well as Vitamins A, B12 D, E, F and K among so many more. In fact, it can contain up 92 of the 102 minerals and nutrients found in the human body - this helps to support the your whole system in many ways.

****The gracilaria Seamoss is being sold everywhere as if it were chondrus crispus but it only contains 4-6 vitamins and minerals and not only may it kill the bad bacteria in the gut it can also destroy the good Gut flora causing all sorts of imbalances.

Ingredients: 100% Irish Moss seaweed – Sun dried.
Country of Origin: Ireland
Latin Name: Chondrus crispus
Our Chondrus Crispus Irish Moss is raw, vegan, gluten- free, non GMO.

Aids in Respiratory, Immune, and Digestive Support plus many more.. Please do your research on Chondrus Cripus Im sure you will fall in love.

This Algae is so nutrient dense that it kept many Irish families alive during the potato famine of the 1800's. It is incredibly important to lean on this "herbal" ally specially for support during times of crisis.

Typical Analysis of Carragheen seaweed - Chondrus crispus

Protein 11-18%
Fat 1-3%
Carbohydrates 55-66%
Vitamin C 10-30 ppm
Vitamin B12 0.6-4 ppm
Calcium 0.9-1.3 ppm
Iodine 200-300 ppm
Iron 170-210 ppm
Magnesium 6700-8351%
Manganese 2-28 ppm
Sodium 2-2.6%
Potassium 3.4 ppm

We are not able to state the full benefits of this product on our website, therefore we encourage you to do your own research.