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Outershell Code of Conduct: What to and not to expect from a reading: 

1-Follow your gut if it doesn’t feel right at the moment do not get read. You may be out of balance or may need some kind of spiritual cleansing before the reading.  Instead send us a message so we can get acquainted first. Dm me on IG with the keyword Gut Feeling.  

2- We will not be telling you what to do, all of the decisions you make are your responsibility. We are not liable for how you use the information you receive.  

3-We do not read for anyone under the age of 18.  

4-We do not read for a third party. The reading is only for the person being read.  

(You cannot bring someone else's hand/prints pics or birth charts to the reading – they will not be read) 

5-All readings will receive a time frame suggestion for the next reading.  For Tarot you will not be read more than once per week and no more than once per month for Palmistry 

(it takes 3 months for the lines to reflect the change once you’ve made lifestyle changes ) 

6- Post – Reading donations/tips are encouraged but not required. (You can send -your gratuity through Cashapp at $outershell or Paypal – [email protected] - there are links to these in my Bio on instagram – Find me on IG at Outershell_Alchemy 

7-Your information will be kept private and whatever we speak of does not leave the reading. 

8-Please come prepared to take notes and or record the reading for yourself.