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Limited edition Palo santo Tincture 8 oz

Limited edition palo santo tincture

Have you ever walked into a room and right away felt like the air was being sucked out of your lungs? Like there is so much tension in the air that you can almost taste it. Sometimes we have no choice, and we have to deal with those spaces, but we have to be able to clear our energy after exposure otherwise whether we know it or not we are tainted with those energies we have encountered.

Palo santo is a great plant elder that is here to assist us in clearing energy and space so that we are not carrying that which does not belong to us.

This is especially important for those of us that work with an array of different people, such as therapists, receptionists, managers, stylists, or life coaches. Even if you do remote services, you're still exchanging energies. You can't control the energy that gravitates into your space but you do have the tools to protect your own energy.

Palo Santo has been used to cleanse energy & spaces from negative Vibes since forever ago.

This is a great way to use our herbal ally in a sustainable way.

Palo Santo is also one of my favorite smells it literally grounds me in the most stressful situations and when I need a little extra boost to clear my mind I can always count on this herbal ally!

This potion comes with a 10ml spray bottle and a plastic funnel for refills.