The Re-Birth of Outershell Alchemy

Outershell Alchemy has been through its share of changes and transformations. So, thank you for sticking with us through the thick of it all.  

We stocked up on all the goodies for our herbal and spiritual arsenal and now we are ready for anything that comes our way...  

...Because if there is one thing I’ve learned during my Hermit-mode retreat is that Anything is possible... that there is purpose in everything and that knowing myself, believing in my gifts and understanding how I operate is how I change the world.  

Funny thing is that you're supposed to change it with me, I'm not meant to do this alone and neither are you so let's work together and change it all starting with transforming into the best versions of ourselves. 

 When I think of what has happened since starting this humble little shop operating from my small home this is what I see... 

 I see the story of the wounded healer Chiron...Who despite being a healer had to live with the pain of his own illness for his entire life yet that never stopped him from doing the work and changing the world around him one person at a time.   

I imagine the planetary characteristics of the 8th house (Pluto/Scorpio) and the quirky energy of Uranus(11th house/Aquarius) always looking to innovate and do things differently only because we have been through it all, tried everything and still have this insatiable appetite to understand, create, grow and be able to share from a space of that those around us can grow with us... 

I wish I could just *poof* and fix everything and everyone, but at last I am only one(with three little kids) and while I can't promise you that everything will always be honky-dory I can promise that you will always get the best of me but sometimes the orders may take 2-3 weeks to be shipped.   

Outershell strives to do the work needed for the betterment of all because at the end of the day healers need healers, readers need readers, coaches need coaches, people need people. 

 You don’t have to do it alone. 

 If you feel like it's getting harder and harder to do it all on your own or if you feel stuck, don’t hesitate to reach out, I am here to help keep you focused on your higher purpose.  

 Outershell is here to help support you in every way possible to help you shed the layers of yourself that are holding you back. 

(We are going into the age of Aquarius – the time of Blind –Belief is coming to a close, so lets step out of shadows, stand in our truth and allow ourselves to be the power...The driving force... if not for ourselves to see and benefit from but for our decedents, May we close our eye and see the light so that we can see the truth in everything and no longer be subject to living behind the veil of uncertainty) 

Trust that I know how lonely things can feel when you don’t know yourself or when you don’t know how to help yourself or what the next steps should be.  



In Conclusion ... 

At Outershell you will find an herbal apothecary filled with herbal preparations and potions which I’ve carefully and very intentionally concocted to help you with your journey of living your best life. My specialty is in working with herbs that have been used by our ancestors for the support of mental/emotional health, wound healing, general health and vitality.  

- Herbal remedies are not a quick fix... this is the long route- It took time for you to get to where you are and its going to take time to get you to where you want to or need to be. -  


You will also find Palmistry, Astrology, and Tarot based life coaching sessions. - They go hand in hand with the Herbalism. -- I can literally see indications of health imbalances in the hand so these things will help me, help you even more... It is highly suggested for all to have at least one reading session using my intuitive medical palmistry method. -  

*These are not tools I use for fortune telling... these are the tools I use to help you gain better knowledge of yourself, how you operate in the world and how you are showing up. 

 Yes, with these tools I may be able to see future events and help you prepare for them, but the thing with Divination is that nothing is set in stone. (If the lines on the palms of your hands can change with every decision you make – it's only to say that you have the power in your own hands, your fate is not sealed. Every decision you make should be intentional.  

So, when I give you a reading it's based on your current energy, the decisions you are currently making or have made in the past, you are not ever tied to a reading, it doesn’t work that way, your perception is your reality, and as such your reality is created by you. .  

We will also have a section for Spiritual tools that can also help you on our journey.  


Thanks for reading <3  

May you leave this website with your heart full of love and light... 




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