Love Everlasting kit


Valentines Day is upon us! Send someone a token of your undying love. The Rose of Jericho also known as the Resurrection Flower, will always come back and will live forever when properly taken care of. What an amazing gift would it be if you gave this rose as a promise that you will always be there to nurture your loved one and that even when they have shriveled up and felt lifeless and withering you will be there to breathe life and love into them by nurturing them and showing them true love always and forever.

Haven't yet met someone whom you want to profess your undying love to? Well Don't give up just put this in your entrance with some rose quarts and intentionally nurture the plant so you can manifest what your heart desires, this will come with the protection of your ancestors as they will help repel anyone not threre for your greatest and highest good.

Or Simply...
Order this kit for someone who would love to bring positive energy and ancestors protection to their space.

1 Rose of Jericho
(with easy to follow instructions)
1 heavy iron hands dish (weight is 4.6 pounds)
1 Black Tourmaline Piece
1 small bottle with a funnel to collect your rose of Jericho water and use throughout your home
(more on that in the instructions)

Free Kua number information- Letting you know your favorable directions unfavorable directions (yes i mean like you will be using a compas) (Normally $44.44) This will bring awareness of any spaces that need decluttering which maybe causing stagnation in your health, career, relationship, etc.

I will help you find the most auspicious direction for you to place your rose of Jericho in the home- All based on the energy you were born with. Lets create Synergy that favors you in all aspects of life.

**Quick note on Feng Shui-

Discovering your Feng Shui Kua or (Chi #) will allow us to figure out which directions are favorable to you and your spaces. When the feng Shui in your spaces intentionally worked with you may attract success in relationships, careers, health
and more. It is incredibly important to keep your auspicious and inauspicious directions free of clutter for your chi to flow into your home without being met with what becomes stagnation in those areas.

🌹 Limited edition only 4 available..