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Flipping The Hand - Subconscious Mind Reading

Flipping The Hand - Subconscious Mind Reading
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We now have available the most transformative 45-minute palm reading session! During this session, we will explore the hidden blockages residing within your subconscious mind that might be impeding your conscious growth and progress. Our journey will also delve into your inherent talents, unveiling the unique gifts bestowed upon you, which you have the choice to nurture and develop effortlessly. Additionally, we will embark on a fascinating exploration of your inner child's personality, illuminating the essence of your original being before external influences shaped it. To gain deep insights, our focus will primarily be on your non-dominant hand, representing the subconscious mind and the inherent qualities bestowed upon you at birth. Together, we will unravel the intricate tapestry of your personal growth and self-discovery.

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