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Fembot Vaginal Steam Blend

  • Fembot Vaginal Steam Blend

What do you think of your womb-space ?

Does it feel like you just have been getting your period for way too long… the truth is-it feels tedious even dreadful for a whole week every month?

These feelings often arise from the not knowing of the power behind the bleeding phase - it’s a time of release, a time to go inwards and care for yourself. In most instances it’s the only time we pay attention to our womb space, and rather than figuring out what it is that we are releasing through our menses we dread it.

Steaming before and after the menses truly helps you get in touch with yourself while aiding you in providing herbal support to keep everything balanced, specially if you have a specific issue you’re trying to cope with.

Do not steam while bleeding***
When you’re not on your bleeding phase you can steam and mediate.
This will reveal to you what it is that you need to release during the upcoming cycle.

This should be a special ritual set aside for you, a sacred time and place to connect to yourself, all the women in your lineage, your feminine spirit guides… and that which you call the source of creation…

Listen to the thoughts that come in while you meditate during your ritual… what messages are coming from within you?

It’s really hard sometimes to learn to listen to you body , where do you actually feel discomfort , what is it you have to work on…? There are so many questions to be answered and most of the answers you already have.

I find that steam- meditation has really influenced my ability to communicate with my body in ways that I never had before. It’s allowed me to go deep within the shadows of myself and find the truths that were always there.

The womb is an open channel to creation as well as a space to release what no longer serves you!

Transformation is constant and cyclical in nature for the divine feminine -

Your body is indeed your temple and you should treat it as such. It is the physical place where your soul resides and your energy and light shine through to bring wisdom, understanding, love and divinity.

This blend is intentionally formulated to help you connect to your womb space through mediation with herbs that are gently supportive to the health of your womb.


Red raspberry leaf

red clover blossoms

Calendula flowers

Lavender flowers

rose petals